The best memories are made with the people we share our life and love with. 
Those memories are cherished the most after the passing of a loved one. 
Sebourn Video Services is proud to partner with our local funeral homes,
Slininger-Schroeder Funeral Home in Jefferson, IA and
Schroeder-Stark-Welin Funeral Home in Boone, IA
to produce "A Celebration of Life" memorial video.  


“Service” is the key word in the preceding statement. At Slininger-Schroeder Funeral Home, it is our purpose at all times to deliver a considerate and thoughtful funeral service worthy of our clientele’s highest esteem.

Sebourn Video Services has become an important component of our funeral home service. Sean and Miranda Sebourn use their creative talents to produce A Celebration Of Life family videos exclusively for our funeral home.

We are pleased to be associated with Sebourn Video Services, and we appreciate the kind, caring way Sean and Miranda help us pay tribute to our clients.

— Aaron P. Schroeder
Funeral Director & President of Slininger-Schroeder Funeral Homes, Inc. and Schroeder-Stark-Welin Funeral Home